Team Pulling Event

Team Pull Event

Thursday, August 9 at 7 pm

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The event is put on by the Washington Draft Horse Pullers Association and sponsored by local individuals and businesses.

This year the team pulls are open horses, ponies, minis, mules, and draft horses of all shapes and sizes. Each team will have a chance to pull a sled of weights for a distance of 20 ft. The weight on the sled is increased until only one team is able to pull it. Teams from across the northwest will participate and the event is open to any local teamster. Horse teams will compete in five divisions according to weight according to the following chart:

Division Team Combined Weight in lbs.

Heavy over 3500
Middle 3000-3500
Light 2000-3000
Pony under 2000

Any local teamster who would like to participate should come to the fairgrounds 1 hour early to register. Cost to participate is $25.

Call Clint Graf (509) 830-0302 for more information.