Swine Department
Superintendent: : Ike Bonney 509.830-5674
Points allowed:  Blue 60, Red 40, White 20

1.  No shaved hogs will be allowed in the market classes.  Hair length must be at least 1/2” long
2.  All animals shown by weight.
3.  Hogs will be weighed and inspected as they are unloaded on Monday from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Weight 240-290 lbs. SCALE WEIGHT IS FINAL;  no reweighing. Market hogs that do not make weight requirements will not be allowed to stay. Exception: gilt may enter Division 123, Class 02 to be eligible for premiums, but will not be sold at livestock sale. “For Sale” signs may not be displayed.
4.Champion awards will be given only if animal is deemed worthy of championship designation by the judge.
5. Market animals must be 7 months of age or younger.
6. Only one entry in any class except market; which can be up to two.


DIVISION 123:  Breeding
01 Senior Spring Gilt – born before Jan. 31
02 Junior Spring Gilt – born after Jan. 31