Sheep Department
4-H Superintendent:  Linda Suhadolnik (509.832.1711) and Kelly Brown
FFA Superintendent: Tracy Pearson
Points allowed:  Blue 60, Red 40, White 20


  1. Market sheep may be slick shorn for the show and all market lambs must have scrapies tags.
  2. Market sheep will be weighed Tuesday following steers at 9:00 a.m. Do not bring sheep to the scale until all the steers are done and have left the area. They MUST weigh 110-150 lbs.
  3. SCALE WEIGHT IS FINAL; no reweighing. Market lambs that do not make weight requirements will not be allowed to stay. Exception: ewes may enter Division 115, Class 4 to be eligible for premiums, but will not be sold at  livestock sale. “For Sale” signs may not be displayed.
  4. Lambs to be judged as market lambs regardless of breed.
  5. Each sheep exhibitor to be limited to 2 market lambs and 4 breeding stock.
  6. Champion awards will be given only if animal is deemed worthy.
  7. Entries up to 2 market lambs allowed, only 1 entry in all other classes except breeding classes.
  8. All sheep exhibitors are required to be at clean up on Sunday morning.
  9. No spandex blankets will be allowed.
  10. No callipyge (heavy muscle) lambs will be accepted.
  11. Breed classes may be combined if less than 6 animals (to be determined by superintendent).
  12. Breeding stock entrance may be limited due to pen availability.
  13. Cooling sheep immediately before market classes by using ice, cooling systems, cooling blankets, cold wet towels, cold water in spray bottles and other such techniques is not allowed.
  14. Sheep are not allowed to be muzzled during the duration of the Yakima  Valley Fair & Rodeo.


DIVISION1 115:  Breeding
01 FFA Ram Lamb (under one year)
02 4-H Ram Lamb (under one year)
03 FFA Ewe Lamb (under one year)
04 4-H Ewe Lamb (under one year)
05 FFA Ewe (over one year)
06 4-H Ewe (over one year)