Record Book

Record books are NOT required for 2020.

  1. Every 4-H and FFA livestock exhibitor is required to keep an accurate set of records and is required to submit a Record Book.
  2. All exhibitors with animals entering the livestock sale must ALSO submit a 4×6 picture of the exhibitor and animal along with their Record Book.  This picture will be used  on the Thank You poster that is given to the buyer at the sale.  Many buyers proudly display the Thank You posters at their businesses.  Please have this photo be a nice representation of you and your project, taking care to dress professionally, have your animal clean and strive for a nice background.


  1. All record books and pictures (see above) are to be turned into the Livestock Office between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. on Tuesday of fair week.
  2. FFA record book approved by the Agriculture Education Instructor will be acceptable.
  3. The 4-H record book judged by our county extension office.  They are in the process of revising the book to make the record keeping simpler.  Please read the following score sheet very closely for the details on what is expected in the 4-H record books as things are changing.


4-H Record Book Score Sheet

According to the Record Book Score Sheet, please use: