Livestock guidelines during the fair

Guidelines During the Fair

  1. There will be a mandatory exhibitor and parent meeting on Tuesday evening at the sale arena.
  2. Straw or sawdust bedding will be furnished.
  3. The Herdsmanship Judge will judge for Herdsmanship at random (see herdsmanship section for more information).
  4. Each exhibitor must furnish the necessary feed and water buckets for his/her animals and shall be responsible for their care.  **Grandview city water has a taste that some animals do not like, so exhibitors may want to bring water from home to ensure your animal will continue drinking at the fair.
  5. Owners of any animals not properly cared for will be assessed a “Yardage fee” of $100.
  6. Animals not properly fitted and trained for showing will be rejected at the discretion of show officials. Animals that cannot be controlled and shown without the use of tranquilizers or excessive force shall not be allowed on the grounds or may be removed.
  7. Each 4-H/FFA exhibitor must fit and show one representative animal of EACH species that they have entered in the fair
  8. The YVFR shall have officers on the grounds and will use every reasonable precaution in its power for the preservation and protection of persons, articles on exhibition, livestock and property but will not be responsible for loss or damage by theft, fire or otherwise. The YVFR shall have an officer on the grounds each night.  Exhibitors release the Yakima Valley Fair & Rodeo from any liability from loss, damage or injury of themselves, livestock or other property while such exhibit is on the grounds of the Yakima Valley Fair and Rodeo.  When you complete your entry cards you are making this pledge.
  9. The Danish system of judging or group method of awards will be used throughout all Divisions. All judges will be contracted for a maximum of 2 years and cannot be related or personally connected to a 4-H group or superintendent of the barn they are judging in.
  10. FFA exhibitors to show before 4-H in odd years, and 4-H to show first in even years. This rule applicable in all divisions.
  11. Any animals on the fairgrounds may be used in 4-H and FFA judging contest.
  12. Animals must meet breed standards to be considered for a class.  Exhibitor must show proof of bloodline upon request.
  13. Yakima Valley Fair & Rodeo Board reserves the right to review any, and all unforeseen disputes not covered by these rules and regulations.  Their decision shall be final and upheld.

Removal and Clean Up

  1. Once an animal has been sold and turned, the animal cannot be bought out of turn pens.
  2. Breeding stock may not be removed until market stock have been removed. This also includes take home animals.  Breaking this regulation may result in forfeiture of premium money.  Buyer may remove market animals after 8 a.m. Breeding stock and take home market animals may not leave until 9 a.m. Sunday and must be gone by 10 a.m. Sunday unless prior arrangements are made with a Livestock Director. Tear downs for individual barns will be determined by Livestock Superintendents and Directors but may not be done until all turn buyer animals have left the building Sunday morning.
  3. Representatives from every club or chapter must be present for cleanup of pens on Sunday at 8:00 a.m. (or after turned animals are removed). Pens must be cleaned or all premium money will be withheld. Barn superintendents will check clubs out when their area is cleaned.  Clubs, Chapters, or Individuals that do not properly teardown their stalls/pens after the fair will be assessed a “Yardage Fee” of $100.