Livestock Exhibitors 2020

It is with heavy hearts that the Board of Directors has voted to cancel the 2020 Yakima Valley Fair & Rodeo. Please read this letter to exhibitors for more information about animal projects. 

Thank you for your patience.  Here is clarification regarding questions that have been asked:  the Toppenish Livestock Commission will host a Special Surplus Show Animal Sale on Friday, August 7th.  This is not a fair event, nor a 4H event, but rather an opportunity to sell animals at a livestock sale.  Exhibitors will drop off animals and remain until all paperwork has been received and the animal passes inspection. The exhibitors will not be walking animals through the sale, but their name will be announced as their animal is sold.

The Toppenish Livestock Commission has generously donated the normal commission on animals sold at this special August 7th sale and we are so grateful. We hope for a great turn-out of buyers in the stands, but pre-registered buyers will also be able to bid online at The fair will charge no commission this year on the sale or add-on donations. So, there will be no charge to registered exhibitors.

All previously registered animal exhibitors will automatically be on the Exhibitor List (on our website later in July) and will be eligible for Add-ons (additional support). If your animal is being sold privately, you do not need to do anything more. We encourage each of you to complete your project in the manner that works best for you (selling privately or through this special sale).

If you are interested in selling animals at the Surplus Show Animal Sale at the Toppenish Livestock Market on August 7th, and have previously registered with YVFR, please fill out the form below before 11:59 pm on July 17th. This will help us further plan and you will be added to the Special Sale List. Contact us for approval of changes. More specific information about the sale will be emailed to those who sign up. No Record Books will be required.

The exhibitor entry fees for market animals will be retained to cover animal related expenses.  Our costs include bank fees charged for online registrations, RFID ear tags, scale certification (to be used for the Toppenish sale), cost of software to register animals and process add-ons, postage and office supplies for printing and mailing letters and checks to exhibitors, letters to sponsors and previous buyers about the sale, and printing of promotional Sale posters.

Breeding stock and small animal entry fees will be refunded and mailed with any support money received following the fair. 

If you have questions, please email the fair board at or call (509)882-1197 or contact Livestock Director, Ryan at or (509)831-5820.

Sale Sign-Up MUST be completed by 11:59pm on Friday, July 17th!



Please check out the⇒ 2020 YVFR Livestock Guide⇐