Livestock Arriving at the Fair

  1. All steer, dairy, sheep and goat entries must be on the grounds by 9 a.m. Tuesday, no exception.  Sheep, Goats, Swine, and Dairy can enter grounds Monday evening, but steers need to be hauled in on Tuesday morning. NO LATE ANIMALS WILL BE ACCEPTED
  2. All livestock will be weighed on the same scale. The weight is final and animals will not be re-weighed.
    1. Swine will be weighed from 5:30- 9:00 p.m. on Monday evening.
    2. Other livestock will be weighed Tuesday starting at 9:00 a.m. Steers first, immediately followed by sheep, who will be immediately followed by goats. Sheep are to wait until all the steers are weighed and have left the scale area before they approach the scale area.
  3. For weight requirements, see  specific Division.  
  4. All market species will need to turn in a market health record form at weigh-in.  
    1. Sheep Market Health Record
      Steer Market Health Record
      Swine Market Health Record
      Goat Market Health Record
  5. In addition to the market health record, steer projects will not be allowed to unload on the grounds until state brand slips (one set for each animal) are turned over to beef superintendent which includes Bill of Sale from previous owner to exhibitor and brand slip from exhibitor to Yakima Valley Fair & Rodeo.
  6. Washington livestock requires no vaccination or test for entry.  Dairy and beef heifers must have bangs vaccination to be entered.
  7. Fair Veterinarians and Superintendents will inspect all classes of livestock and poultry (including pet animals, fur bearing animals, pigeons, ducks, geese and turkeys) before they are exhibited, to determine that the livestock and poultry are free from infectious or contagious disease and ectoparasites, and that animals are healthy and appropriate for fair exhibit.
  8. Fair Veterinarians and Superintendents must reject an animal with infectious or contagious disease or ectoparasites.  (Exhibitors shall be aware that ringworm, warts, pinkeye, strangles, contagious thyma, scabies, lice, mites, ticks and fleas fall into these categories).
  9. No animal from any quarantined premise will be permitted to enter fair.
  10. A sitting committee will be present on the grounds to screen desirable exhibits.  In case of question of ownership, this committee will have the right to demand satisfactory evidence of ownership.  An owner of a rejected exhibit must remove said exhibit from the grounds within a reasonable time set by the sitting committee.
  11. Any exhibitor or parent administering any drugs and/or medications to any livestock entry, without direct permission of division superintendents, will result in immediate expulsion and cancellation of any earned awards and/or premium monies.  NO EXCEPTIONS
  12. All livestock and dairy exhibitors must complete a Record Book AND submit a 4×6 picture of themselves with each animal and turn it in to the livestock office by 12 noon on Tuesday. See Record Book section for more information.