Exhibitor RV Parking

RV parking will take place on Monday, August 9th from 5-8pm. Please enter through the South Gate by the armory and ball fields.
Please see the last page in the exhibitor guide for all RV regulations.

ThereAt RV Parking

RV Parking AtThertendants: Shanna and Tevin Ross (509) 949-1991

Camping registration must be done online by JUNE 1st  Online Registration.

RV Parking

RV Parking Attendants: Shanna and Tevin Ross (509) 949-1991

Camping registration must be done online by JUNE 1st (with your other registration) Please contact registeryvfr@gmail.com with questions regarding RV fees, registering, etc.

RV parking will take place Sunday and Monday evening prior to fair

Fee for RV camping: $50 and includes one RV & one vehicle parking permit

***RV fee reduced in 2020 as it will not include an adult fair entry wrist band or livestock parking permit. Please purchase those separately with your other registration***


  1. RV registration will only be accepted for those exhibitors entered at the fair.
  2. Camping spots will be chosen first come first served, with clear boundaries marked out.
  3. Tag given to RV with last name of exhibitor must be displayed on aisle end of RV.
  4. Entrance is the south gate by armory. All vehicles near RV’s must have parking permits displayed at all times. All occupants of vehicles passing through the south gate must have proof of fair admission (wristband, season pass, etc.)
  5. NO DOGS ALLOWED or RV will be sent home, except with permission from livestock director.
  6. No alcohol allowed in City Park except within Rodeo Beer Garden.
  7. NO BICYCLES, exhibitor ATVs, allowed in RV area or on fair grounds.
  8. 20 foot fire lane between RV rows, must remain open at all times for emergency access and fire lane. Vehicles parked in this lane will be towed at owner’s expense
  9. Small tents must fit within designated RV space, otherwise two spaces must be reserved.
  10. The fair assumes no responsibility for damage or injuries to RVs or occupants at any campsite.
  11. RVs must have an adult supervising at all times, present on fair grounds, and of age 21 years or older.
  12. Reservation must be submitted via online entry on website  no later than June 1st for planning purposes.
  13. Reservations must be filled completely or will be denied.
  14. RVs must be parked between the designated time. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you park before this time, you will be called, will move your RV out of lot, and allowed to park after those who have followed the rules have parked.
  15. RVs are to be moved out on Sunday by 10:00 am.
  16. NO WATER OR ELECTRICAL OUTLETS AVAILABLE. Generators must be placed within your campsite, not in other camper’s sites.
  17. The above rules are for your protection and allow for a safe environment for all exhibitors and families. Registration forms filled out on parking day also help to provide emergency and location information to fair board. Completion of registration form and payment constitutes acceptance of rules by adult in charge and all occupants in camping area.
  1. Priority for registration will be based on date of payment of RV registration. If there are more RVs than space available, late registration for RVs will not be accepted, and priority given based on date of payment for online registration. You will be contacted if we cannot park your RV due to limited space and your dated payment.