Beef Department

FFA Superintendent:  Ryan Maiden – 509.539.0260
4-H Superintendent:  Steve Thonney – 786.2589
Points Allowed:  Blue 80, Red 50, White 30


  1. Market steers will be weighed at 9 a.m. on Tuesday- no exception.
  2. All market steers must have lead rope and halter, and night rope
  3. Steers must be dehorned or natural polled to be eligible for show and sale.
  4. Must have 1,100 pound minimum scale weight and 1500 pound maximum scale weight. SCALE WEIGHT IS FINAL; re-weighing is not permitted. Steers that do not make weight requirements will not be sold at the livestock sale, but may stay for fitting and showing premiums. “For Sale” signs may not be displayed.
  5. Steers will not be allowed to unload on grounds until state brand slips (one set for each animal) are turned over to beef superintendent, which includes Bill of Sale from previous owner to exhibitor and brand slip from exhibitor to Yakima Valley Fair & Rodeo.




01 Jr. Heifer Calf – born after 1/1/16, at least  4 months old.
02 Sr. Heifer Calf – born between 7/1/15 & 12/31/16
03 Jr. Yearling Heifer – born between 1/1/15 to 6/30/16
04 Sr. Yearling Heifer – born between 7/1/15 to 12/31/15
05 Cow – at least 2 & under 3
06 Bull Calf – calved after 1/1/15
07 Get of Sire – 3 animals from above classes.
08 Produce of Dam – 2 animals, either sex, dam must be named.
09 Cow & Calf – any breed